The Maze of Life

Stefano Giardiniere

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After I spent the most time of my former life with the playing of the guitar it was time for me to learn a new instrument.
A musical instrument which I got on the 18th of January in 2011.

After one and a half month I finished the first short album where this instrument is used...the cello.
Accompanied by a piano and for the very first time it shows my current feelings.

This recordings could have been the hardest in my life but I have had an aim and I realized it!
Maybe it sounds amateurish but I think it's acceptable after this short time of cello playing.

I'm just the composer like always and I like to constitute myself as this and not as an soloist.
I think the most important thing is the power of the music.

For me it's a very special album and I like to dedicate it to my family, especially to my parents for their 36th wedding day.

Even if there is just one touchable part left for me on this world so I know that the music connects us.
It seems like the music mediates between the worlds and gives us hope.

The music lives forever!
All songs written and arranged by Stefan Gärtner.

Cello and Piano played by S.G.
Cover artwork by Stefan Gärtner.

Copyright by Stefan Gärtner/GMS-Records 2011.
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