Return to Dreamland

Stefano Giardiniere - Return to Dreamland 706601 GS07-061154
Welcome back to a new Dreamland & to some relaxing Moments!

Sometimes, a new life can start with a Journey to the Dreamland.
Sometimes, it needs just a few minutes to arrive the Land of Visions.
But don't forget...there could be some your life...after this journey!
S.G. uses the following instruments on this album:
Yamaha NTX-700 Guitar, Harley Benton HBCE 4/4 E-Cello, Sonor Orff NG 31 Alt Glockenspiel with AKG Perception 220, EBow with a Jackson Kelly Guitar & a Kirkland 215031 Guitar

All songs written and arranged by Stefan Gärtner

Cover artwork by Stefan Gärtner

Copyright by Stefan Gärtner/GMS-Records 2011
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